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History Behind The DLX

The beautiful Baker Valley in Eastern Oregon has a rich history of cattle ranching. With lush grass and abundant water, the valley is a perfect setting for raising cattle, and it is home to, among many other ranches, The DLX.

A commercial black Angus cow/calf operation, The DLX is a prime arbiter of the essence of Agriculture and its backbone to the American way of life. Mostly run by family and a few hired hands, the ranch is situated just eight miles north of Baker City, Oregon, in the center of the valley, just off of Interstate 84 via exit 298. Owners, Kirk and Michelle Scilacci, and their twins, Morgan and Rory, call the ranch home.

Like the surrounding area of Baker County, the ranch itself has a unique history of its own. At the earliest known time, prior to 1956, the cattle operation, then called the Coffey Ranch, was sold to Roy Farmer, of the Farmer Coffee Company. The Farmers were absentee owners until 1972 when they sold the ranch to Howard Driggers, who renamed it to the “Slash D”. After calling the ranch home for only seven years, the Driggers sold it in 1979 to Jim and Joan Ray, who, again, changed the name to“Lazy J.” The Rays spent each summer on the ranch while wintering further south in a warmer climate, southern Arizona. In 1991, the Rays sold the ranch to yet another absentee owner, Ed McGah, hailing from the San Francisco bay area in Northern California. This time, the name was changed to the “Heritage Ranch.”

In 2006, Kirk and Michelle Scilacci, previously rice farmers from Lincoln, California, in the northern Sacramento Valley, purchased the ranch. They, along with their daughter, Rory, and their son, Morgan, live and work there year-round. The Scilacci family also retained a portion of their rice farm in Northern California, which they still operate today, known as “The DLX Ranches.”

In the nearly 20 years of ownership, the Scilacci's have expanded the ranch considerably. They have added additional meadow and range ground, bringing the current deeded acreage to approximately 17,000. Meticulous, diligent planning and hard work has enabled the Scilacci family to not only make significant improvements to the ranch but also build their Angus cattle herd. The Scilacci's have incorporated some of the latest in technological advancements, best cattle management practices, and a rigorous but selective vaccine protocol, in accordance with Beef Quality Assurance standards and the USDA.

Goal number one of The DLX is to provide the highest quality, most nutritious, all-natural beef to buyers for an exemplary eating experience. For that reason, The DLX will always stand for “Quality and Integrity.”

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